Steps before renting a motorcycle

Get your provisional licence

Before you buy one of our Beginners Pack, you must get your provisional licence. To do so, please go through our links. You will even find the licence form!

Choose your Pack

Once you have got your licence you can come find us. First of all, you will need to estimate how many days you think you will need to pass the licence examination. It surely depends on your experience! If you have no experience we highly recommend an initiation and the 15 days Pack.

Once you bought the corresponding Pack you will have a credit of days.

Book a motorcycle

  1. Send us an email or call to book a motorcycle for one or several days (one booking at a time).
  2. We check the bike availability and confirm you the booking.
  3. You come get the bike on the booking date for the time you asked.

Caveat: A motorcycle you booked and we confirmed is considered taken. Cancellation is not permitted. In case of bad weather, rental are carried on unless decided otherwise by the rental company. Please consult our GC for more information.

For further details please check Rent'n'Ride General Terms