License without motorcycle

For motorcycling beginners, we created 3 different Beginners Packs with the best prices in the market.

Within these Packs you will find everything you need to succeed in getting your licence: a motorcycle, a training bag, a certain amount of days (4, 7 or 15), many kilometres (200kms per day) and a lot of fun!


Each Pack includes a certain amount of days: 4, 7 or 15.

You can use your days anytime you need. One booking at a time except for lessons and exams.

Each Pack has a limited number of weekend days included: 2, 3, 6 respec-tively.

If those conditions do not fit your needs, please check our normal rental.


We have dedicated motorcycles for initiations and the A1 license with our GLR 125, for the A (max 25kW) licence with our CBR 300 and for the full licence with our CB 500.

These motorcycles are ideal to train and take the examination. They are very easy to handle and have all you need to help you succeed!