How do you rent a motorcycle

  1. Buy the number of riding days you wish for the whole season or for the next rental.
  2. The more days you take, the less you pay per day.
  3. Once you settled the payement for the contract, you hold a credit of days you can use as you desire.
  4. To rent a motorcycle, fill up our contact for specifying the motorcycle and the dates desired (one booking at a time).
  5. Once the booking confirmed, you will only have to come at the time and date given in the confirmation and make the deposit.
  6. When returning the motorcycle, please ensure you filled the tank and give it back as clean as you took it.
  7. If the motorcycle is given back as should, you can take your deposit back and place another booking.

Some more information from our General Conditions :

  1. By signing a contract, you automatically accept our conditions.
  2. A franchise is calculated with objective criteria. Minimum franchise is CHF 1'500.
  3. Before each rental, a CHF 500 deposit will asked.
  4. The minimum rental is one day.
  5. You are the only one allowed to ride the motorcycle.
  6. A confirmed booking is taken off your days when the cancellation period is passed.
  7. Rentals are maintaned by all wethers.
  8. The booking can be cancelled up to 24 hours from the beginning.

For further details please check Rent'n'Ride General Terms